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Your Tires, Personally Selected by Bob Lane, Owner of Direct Tire & Auto Service.

Let me, Bob Lane, Owner of Direct Tire & Auto Service, Handpick Your Perfect Tires!

At Direct Tire & Auto Service, we believe choosing the right tires should be straightforward and personalized. That's why we're offering you the unique opportunity to have Bob Lane, the Owner and Tire Expert of Direct Tire & Auto Service, eliminate the stress of selecting tires and have him choose the perfect tires for your vehicle and driving style.

Why Trust Bob Lane?

Decades of Experience: With years of expertise in the tire industry, I understands the nuances of what makes a tire exceptional for different vehicles and driving conditions.
Personalized Selection: I don't just pick any tires; I select the best fit for your car's make, model, and driving habits to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Ready When You Are: I'll work with you to get your preferred installation time to have your tires ready and waiting for you. No hassle, no waiting.

How It Works:

Tell Us About Your Vehicle and Driving Habits: Provide details about your car, budget, and driving preferences.
Select Your Preferred Time: Choose a convenient time to install your tires and prepay, which will apply to your final tire purchase. Prepay to lock in tires that Bob selects.
Bob Takes Over: Bob Lane will personally select the best tires for your vehicle based on your provided information and will confirm a scheduled appointment time.
Easy Installation: Arrive at Direct Tire & Auto Service at your scheduled time, and we'll have your tires ready to go.

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